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Refugee Resettlement

Finding a Place to Call Home

Our Resettlement Program provides a warm welcome and a firm footing.

Refugees are adults and children who have been forced to flee the only home they have ever known in search of safety.

At Global Refuge, we believe that every human being should be welcomed with dignity and open arms. That is why we are dedicated to offering newly arrived refugees a warm welcome and a firm footing in the hopes that our newest neighbors might find peace and prosperity once again.

More than resettlement – a long welcome.

Refugee resettlement is more than just immediate and basic needs support. Settling into a new home, learning to navigate a new community, and getting a job are key foundations for success – but it takes a lot more to successfully integrate into American society.

LIRS’s deep Lutheran roots and more than 80 years of expertise mean that the refugees we resettle have access to a unique community of compassionate and welcoming neighbors. Beyond just the case management and social adjustment services we offer, churches, community groups, and community organizations all play an important role in supporting New Americans as they learn cultural nuances and build a new life.

We have spent decades nurturing community-based initiatives to support refugees, and we lead the field in refugee resettlement because of the incredible support we receive from our community partners.

Whether sharing a meal or accompanying a new neighbor on a trip to the grocery store, this extended network comes together to create what we call the long welcome – a mosaic of support that will serve a refugee for many years after they first arrive in the U.S.

Ultimately, the goal of the long welcome is successful integration of each refugee client. This can be measured, in part, by a refugee’s involvement and participation in their communities, civic engagement, and a visible desire to contribute to their communities.

How it Works

Global Refuge believes in the long welcome. Even before our new neighbors arrive, we work to determine the best fit for a new home. We help those seeking safety to establish a place to live, community connections, and set them up to learn the basics of United States culture, laws, and employment.

Understand The Process

Community Sponsorship

Be a part of a refugee family’s resettlement journey. Community sponsorship creates a circle of welcome for a newly arrived immigrant or refugee. You and your community group will partner with a local resettlement agency to provide wrap-around support to a family entering the United States.

Join the Community

The Global Refuge Refugee Resettlement Hub

Find information on the U.S. Resettlement Program, updates on the refugee-related policy and legislation, and upcoming Global Refuge events and initiatives. Learn about how Global Refuge works to hold our administration accountable for their commitment to refugees and take action today.

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Impact Story

Emillie's Story:
Crossing the River

Emillie was only 8 years old when she and her family were forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo. They spent 15 years living in Uganda as refugees—but they knew it was not their home.

Impact Story

Bhuwan's Story:
Hope Was There

Bhuwan Pyakurel lived in a refugee camp with his family for 18 years before being resettled by Global Refuge. He was elected to the city council of Reynoldsburg, Ohio in 2020.

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Explore the many ways to support Global Refuge.

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