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Camino a Casa Program

A Program for Guatemalan Youth

Guatemala program Camino a Casa

Hundreds of thousands of adults and children attempt to flee poverty, instability, and violence in Central America each year.

Unfortunately, under current U.S. immigration law, many are quickly returned to their home country. But we believe that a better life is still possible—especially for children and young adults. Through compassionate individualized support, our Guatemalan repatriation program helps youth achieve their goals and build a brighter future at home.

Why Repatriation?

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of youth and young adults returned to Central America after attempting to immigrate to the United States. When they return to their home countries, however, this uniquely vulnerable population faces many challenges: large debtstrauma, and significant mental health challenges from the difficult, often dangerous journey to the U.S.; reintegration and acceptance in the community; lack of job prospects to support themselves and their families; little to no opportunity for economic growthdifficulty returning to or accessing education; lack of access to internet and other essential technologies, and more. Often, they find themselves in a situation worse than the one they left. 

The Camino a Casa Program

Operating in multiple cities, the Camino a Casa program provides support to youth in Guatemala for up to twelve months to ensure successful reintegration. In conjunction with local partners, the program offers a wide array of clinical support, case management services, and referrals tailored to the unique needs of minors, as well as supplementary income and connections to community resources. Each youth receives an individualized service plan that focuses on their specific goals, including:  

  • family reunification
  • transportation to communities
  • mental health and family counseling services
  • educational support
  • vocational training
  • financial literacy
  • mentorship/peer support programs
  • referral to medical assistance
  • referral to legal services

Support Brighter Futures

Camino a Casa depends on compassionate institutions and individuals to ensure Central American youth can have a brighter, more hopeful future in their home countries.  

With your help, teenagers and young adults in the program will experience life-changing outcomes such as:

  • improved health and safety
  • financial stability and literacy
  • education and vocational training
  • independent living skills
  • mentorship and community support

…and beyond. We appreciate your generosity!

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