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New name.
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LIRS is now Global Refuge.

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Crisis Response

Mobilizing to meet the need

When crisis arises, our team immediately springs to action.

War, famine, violence, persecution, and environmental disasters force families to flee their homes every day.

From those fleeing war in Ukraine to those evacuated from Afghanistan, many seek protection in the United States and must embark on long, dangerous journeys to arrive at our shores.

Often, they come with only the bags they could carry and need immediate help to find shelter and solace. Then, they are faced with starting over in a new country, a foreign language, and an unfamiliar culture, all while navigating the difficulties of a bureaucratic immigration system.

While every crisis is different, because Global Refuge has decades of experience and a vast network of partners, Global Refuge relies on our decades of experience, vast network of partners, and models of innovation to mobilize our response to fit the unique needs of each situation.

Our crisis response model encompasses five dimensions: Act, Donate, Advocate, Pray, and Teach.

Many of us don't have family, home, or work anymore so we're sincerely grateful for any help that you give us.
Irina, Ukrainian Refugee

How Global Refuge Responds

  • Act

    We call upon our volunteers, supporters, and network of service partners to provide compassion, community, and meet the immediate needs of refugees and asylum seekers who are beginning a new life.

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  • Donate

    With your support, we are able to fund critical programs and services that address the critical needs of newly arrived refugees. These funds help us provide support to meet the most pressing needs.

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  • Advocate

    Often, a crisis will reveal gaps in the legislative and legal processes that are meant to protect and serve refugees and asylum seekers. We advocate for thoughtful response and just policies.

    Raise your voice
  • Pray

    Rooted in our Lutheran faith, we invite people of all faiths to join us in prayers for those who are experiencing tragedy, violence, and disaster.

    Pray with us
  • Teach

    In alignment with our mission, we work to educate and promote awareness about critical issues impacting refugees and asylum seekers, as well as the circumstances that caused them to flee.

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Impact Story

Yemelianova Family's Story:
Everything Will be Peaceful

Crisis Response & Mobilization

When the Yemelianova family's journey to the United States was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had no idea they would find themselves fleeing a country at war only two years later.

You can change lives.

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Explore the many ways to support Global Refuge.

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