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Circle of Welcome

Become part of the resettlement journey

Create a Circle of Welcome for a New American family.

Co-sponsorship is a model of resettlement where a community group partners with a local resettlement agency to provide specific services and financial support to a newly arrived refugee family. At Global refuge our co-sponsorship program is called Circle of Welcome.

This type of volunteer commitment is incredibly important to the work of welcome. Circles of Welcome bring an essential level of commitment, continuity, and care for the refugees they serve and significantly multiply and extend the services refugees receive. Circles of Welcome are overseen by one of our local resettlement agencies who provide each team with in-depth training prior to working with a family and continued support throughout their service period.

Circle of Welcome Requirements

Across the Global Refuge network specific requirements for Circle of Welcome programs vary by local resettlement site, but in general Circles of Welcome are expected to do the following:
  • Form a team and select a team leader
  • Commit to a designated time of service
  • Raise and donate financial assistance
  • Sign a commitment form and follow guidelines from your local resettlement agency
  • Receive a background check
To learn more about Circle of Welcome requirements, download our Circle of Welcome Checklist.
Refugee couple from the Democratic Republic of Congo with pastor Jared Carlson.

Join the Circle of Welcome

If you and your community are committed to serving refugees through Circle of Welcome, please contact us to learn more and register.

Fill Out the Interest Form

Still have questions about Circle of Welcome?

Check out our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) below!

  • Global Refuge is working closely with our partners to make sure that all volunteers and potential co-sponsors are connected to their nearest resettlement site. To help us maintain this process, we ask that you fill out our co-sponsorship form.

  • Written agreements vary by local resettlement site, however, it generally outlines the expectations of what activities volunteers will be doing to support the family versus what the resettlement agency is responsible for and the time commitment expected.

  • The money that co-sponsors raise is supplemental to the funds given by the U.S. Government. Finances are handled collaboratively between the co-sponsorship group, the local resettlement agency, and the family with the goal of meeting their most pressing needs. Often this does include rent, healthcare, transportation, and school supplies.

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