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Hire a New American

Bring global perspective to your workplace

Refugee employees are legally authorized to work and bring a depth of experience and education to their employers.

Hiring refugees creates a diverse, adaptable workforce with greater capacity for innovation and global perspective. Use the following resources to learn more about hiring refugee employees and to get in touch with organizations that connect refugees and employers.

The Global Refuge/Tent Guide to Hiring New Americans

Global Refuge is a preferred implementing partner with Tent Partnership for Refugees, which connects refugees with employment and networking opportunities. Download the U.S. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugee:


The Global Refuge/Tent Guide to Hiring Afghan Refugees

There are approximately 200,000 Afghan immigrants in the U.S. today – about 130,000 that were in the country prior to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. 65,000 Afghans have arrived as of September 2021. Another 30,000 are expected to arrive by December 2022. While the majority are still residing in seven military bases across the country, it is expected that the 65,000 Afghans will be resettled in states across the country by February 2022 – meaning they will be starting to look for jobs to support themselves and their families.

Find essential information about hiring Afghan refugees. This guide includes facts about the refugees’ educational and professional backgrounds, where they are likely to settle in the U.S. – and, importantly, a list of organizations that can connect them to Afghans looking for work. Download the U.S. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Afghan Refugees:


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