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Children and Family Services

Reuniting families and providing compassionate care

Our CFS team emphasizes safety, family unification, and mental health

When a family finds themselves in the midst of war, famine, or persecution, survival often means a dangerous journey.

Sometimes families may be split apart as they flee, sometimes parents don’t survive the journey, and often children flee alone. In the past several years, we have seen a growing number of children flee to the U.S. from Central America, primarily El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, without any parent accompanying them. These children are often escaping gang violence, trafficking, threats, and extortion, as well as abuse, domestic violence, and poverty. Many are seeking to be reunified with family in the United States.

Our programs for immigrant children emphasize safety, family unification, and trauma-centered care. Global Refuge is a trusted partner of the U.S. government, playing a leading role in uniting unaccompanied immigrant children with their families. Our work ensures that each child has a safe, stable home.

Caring for Children

Our work of welcome continues to grow at a record-breaking pace. In 2022, Global Refuge provided compassionate care to a record-breaking number of children and families.

How to Help

  • 8.4K+ children reunited with family in the U.S.
  • 1.8K+ children served through foster care
  • 5.9K+ families served through safe release support

Foster Care

Every year, thousands of refugee and immigrant children journey to the United States without their parents or family to accompany them. Global Refuge works with the U.S. government and our network partners to place these children in loving homes with trained and licensed foster parents.

Foster Care
Refugee Admissions Program

Family Reunification

Through our network of trusted community partners, Global Refuge provides assistance to the U.S. government to identify family members in the country and ensure that children in our care are safely released to loved ones who are well-equipped to care for them.

Family Reunification
Emillie Binja with friends and family.

Mental Health

Refugee and immigrant children often experience trauma and mental health challenges such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Global Refuge provides mental health services that meet the unique needs of refugee and immigrant children and families at no cost.

Mental Health

Impact Story

Juanita's Story:
Fostering Love

Providing a loving home for children in need.

Juanita was only 11 when she arrived in the United States from Guatemala. She spent several years transitioning between temporary homes before being placed with her foster family in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Explore the many ways to support Global Refuge.

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