World Refugee Day - We Must Do More

Today we honor the men, women, boys and girls who have been forced to leave their livelihoods to join a group none desire to join, called refugees. They are survivors who have impacted and enriched our lives immensely.

Rhino Camp Video

Recent footage by Paul Jeffrey and the Global Ministries of the United Methodist church. All footage of medical relief was filmed at Global Refuge's Rhino Camp clinic and GRI medical outreaches.

reaching BEYOND

Why do we always expect people to come to us? Ours is a culture of convenience. We are used to people coming to us and providing services, i.e., McDonald's drive-thru windows.However, those in need may be the most difficult to reach, and therefore probably in need of the most help.

Our hope for the pygmies of DR Congo...


How do you define success? Is it attaining a certain status, honor or level of wealth? I have watched enough family members pass away recently to realize that none of those things go with us when we leave this earth. 

We work with people in very desperate situations. We cannot promise to meet their immediate needs and help them get back on their feet and then leave, never to return. In Africa, especially...