In a world that is not only divided by country borders but where classism, racism, and ignorance (among other things) separate us, where unspeakable violence, injustice and oppression rule, it might be easier to turn back from our goal.
There are the borders we erect and the wars that rage within our own souls. We consciously, and unconsciously, decide who is in and out. We label some outsiders, building walls of fear around our hearts not allowing them to come close. Walls of activity and distraction to keep the other away and ourself woven tightly inside.

We live in this constant tension, seeking respite from the war we condone with our silence.  

What then must we do? How can we tear down the dividing walls and allow the outsiders in? How can we soften our souls to the desperate cries of the other?

The voiceless cries of those whose only charge is that they were born in a despised nation. Have the voices of minority groups - in Burma, in Uganda, in South Sudan, in Syria, in Congo, and in so many other places - gone silent? Or have our ears grown dull to their desperate plea for help? People still suffer with inadequate medical care and a hunger for validation. Global Refuge continues to seek out ways to respond to the plea.

A few years ago, while working with Global Refuge and living in an isolated community on a mountain ridge in Burma, I witnessed the determination of outsiders who had not given up on their right for justice. In this community of displaced people, where many had taken to numbing their pain, a group of 20 fiery young people had pledged their life to learning about medicine and healthcare to then return to the war zone with much needed relief. Undeterred by injustice, this group of young people, equipped with knowledge and tools imparted though Global Refuge, responded to the plea for help.

How will we respond?

Our world grows darker, borders are places of escalating violence and conflict. Undeterred, Global Refuge continues to go, imparting hope through the many sacrifices of time, gifts and voices of all who partner with her.

— Kylie Schwartz