Together, we can resettle 6,000 displaced Lisu people


The fighting in northern Myanmar has displaced thousands of people. One specific camp, housing more than 6,000 Lisu people, is being forced to close down. The people will be forced from their homes. They have limited access to healthcare, education or employment. They are unable to ever return home because their villages are surrounded by land mines.

Imagine a permanent home for them where they can build for their future. They can earn ownership of land and work to thrive in a place they can call home. GRI plans to resettle all 6,000 of them in early 2019 to a permanent area in Northern Myanmar. They will be able to create their own health clinic, and their children can attend schools. It will cost $65,000.


GRI’S plan is to purchase land in Kachin State and permanently resettle the Lisu to this land.