Sponsor a Pregnant Mother in Imvepi Refugee Camp, Northern Uganda

$60 provides prenatal care, a safe delivery and birthing pack for the mother and baby; $300 provides prenatal care, a safe delivery, a birthing pack, and immunizations and medical care for the mother and child during the first year of life.

Betty Tabu Age 22.jpg

Betty Tabu -

Age 23

Margret Ropani Age 29.jpg

Margret Ropani -

Age 29

Scovia Senya Age 18.jpg

Scovia Senya -

Age 18

Florence Stima Age 23.jpg

Florence Stima -

Age 23

Mary kiden Age 21.jpg

Mary Kiden -

Age 21

Suzan Ropani Age 19.jpg

Suzan Ropani -

Age 19

Grace Anite Age 34.jpg

Grace Anite -

Age 34

Rose Sunday Age 21.jpg

Rose Sunday -

Age 21

Tabu Jane Age 20.jpg

Tabu Jane -

Age 20

Ito Pasika Age 32.jpg

Ito Pasika -

Age 32

Rose Tabu Age 20.jpg

Rose Tabu -

Age 20

Tumalu Emma Age 25.jpg

Tumalu Emma -

Age 25

Kiden Joyce Age 20.jpg

Kiden Joyce -

Age 20

Rose Viola Age 18.jpg

Rose Viola -

Age 18

Lilias Sake Age 23.jpg

Lilias Sake -

Age 23

Sadia Joyce Age 27.jpg

Sadia Joyce -

Age 27