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S. Sudan: Your support changes lives

Thank you to many of you who have responded to our last email plea. We had people really sacrifice on behalf of the people we serve.  More than $900/mo of the $1500/mo we needed has already been provided! We were able to send these additional funds to our clinic in northern Uganda and therefore we are nearly able to handle all of the waves of refugees from South Sudan. Thank you!

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S. Sudan: Refuge in the Midst of Desperation

Last month at this clinic we treated 7253 people, 90% of whom were South Sudanese refugees fleeing the fighting in South Sudan. Our normal treatment reaches between 3500 to 4000 people. In the month of July there were 1934 positive malaria cases. This area of Uganda is having a horrible year for malaria and many are dying when they don’t have to. 

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