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Creative Ways to Give

Volunteering is another great, creative way to help others. Not only do we have the opportunity to volunteer at the Global Goods and Coffee Shop, but people can also volunteer at our Global Thrift store as well. Both these business channels of giving are located in Old Town Arvada, Colorado. They have a presence in the community, providing quality goods and service. Most importantly, they give you numerous ways to creatively give to our cause.

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Interested Versus Committed

At the beginning of this year, we opened a medical clinic in the Rhino area of Uganda. With only two volunteer doctors from the USA, this critically needed base of help was opened in ten days. Even local medics were able to be trained in that time and Sudanese refugees were diagnosed and treated. The clinic continues to run, successfully serving thousands of precious lives who have fled violent conflicts in their homelands that border Uganda. How amazing to see these on-going demonstrations of commitment – from our donors, the volunteer doctors, and our local staff leaders.

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