Stories From a Lost Boy

Trekking hundreds of miles in search of refuge. Going without food or water. Seeing friends or family members shot or eaten by wild animals. These are things that most of us will never have to experience. However, at the age of 7, Arok Garang endured all of it. The Janjaweed came to his village, killing people and burning everything. Arok and other young boys, who had been out in the fields tending cattle, survived and fled for their lives.

Thousands of them died during the journey to Ethiopia. After completing such a traumatic and difficult trek, he found that safety was short-lived. Only a year and a half after arriving in Ethiopia, Arok and other refugees were forced out at gunpoint. Their next place of hope was Kenya, a journey that took a year to complete and claimed the lives of many more children. He resided in the Kakuma Refugee Camp for nine years before he was able to immigrate to the United States with help from the United Nations. He earned a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado Denver and founded The Seeds of South Sudan in 2011. Their mission is to educate 100 children who survived the genocide so they can become leaders and contributors in their South Sudanese communities. 
These are the kind of stories we share at Refugee Night. Our guests learn about different countries and hear firsthand stories from refugees. We hope to raise awareness while bringing a taste of different countries to your backyard.
Thank you to the wonderful owners of Sudan Cafe for providing our food for the evening. Our next Refugee Night will be in January. More details to follow.