Saying Goodbye to Buma


In October of last year, we wrote to you about Buma's Story. Buma Losa was a quiet and thoughtful man. He displayed meekness and humility and his eyes told the story of a difficult life. He conducted his work as a grounds keeper for GRI's Odubu Clinic with pride and perfectionism. 

Buma passed away in Arua town, northern Uganda early the morning of June 3 after seemingly suffering from a gastrointestinal bleed. He collapsed while performing his work in Rhino Refugee Camp and was rushed into town to the general hospital. The staff there was unable to help. 

Buma fled from his home country of DR Congo to Uganda approximately 13 years ago after fighting broke out in his area. He was separated then from his wife and children. In 2017, GRI was able to send Buma back to his home area in Congo. There, he was briefly reunited with his wife and grown children. He then returned to his work in Uganda.

Buma was buried next to his small house in Rhino Camp where a service was performed by his colleagues and attended by numerous tribes. He will be missed by all GRI Uganda staff and his community. 


Please pray for Buma's family in Congo as GRI staff struggle to reach them to tell them of his passing.