Rhino Camp Response Expands: Mvepi

Here it is.

We are always evaluating the effectiveness of our projects at GRI, with the hope that we always stay ahead of what is happening in ever-changing refugee situations. Part of that evaluation is looking to make sure we are covering the populations that are so badly neglected in these settings. 


A few weeks ago we were approached by Doctors Without Borders. They explained they had built a health center in a desperate health situation. This area is about a 1 hour drive from our current Odubu Health Center in Rhino Camp, Northern Uganda. This clinic had been overrun by terribly sick people, and the situation did not allow for their organization to keep the health center running. 

After assessing the situation, this week GRI took over this clinic, and all of its operations. In the past week that we have been running it, we have seen an average of 50-60 new pregnant mothers daily. This is a staggering number. We have refugees walking 10-15 miles, with the hope they will have their children cared for with dignity. 


We took this step with faith (and a little stupidity), knowing that we don’t have the funds to sustain it at these kinds of patient volumes. However, this is the beauty of our model. We will find a way. Already, many things have been provided to even consider a move like this, and we know more are coming. 

This clinic is up on a hill, overlooking more than 140,000 new refugees from South Sudan. We see it as an image of hope that they know someone knows their lives are still valuable. We won’t walk away if it gets tough, as we know that is the very reason these people have been neglected before. 

We need your help in so many ways. We have created an itemized list of everything we need to make this project work. We hope you will feel compelled to inject yourself into one of these ways to give. We know you all give sacrificially, but we wouldn’t be representing these people well if we didn’t keep telling their story with reckless abandon. 

Thank you for caring about them, and for trusting us to show them your care. We are excited about what will happen at Mvepi, and will always tell you the stories of those we serve there. 


Itemized Costs

Staff Costs (1 month) - $1800
Vehicle - $12,000
Lab Supplies (Microscope, Chemical Agents, Slides, etc) - $1500
Delivery Beds - 2 x $500
Latrines - 4 latrines x $750
Placenta Pit (for disposal after childbirth) - $500
One month's worth of medicines - $5,500
High-Risk Pregnancy Survival Kits (1 per mother) - $50/each