The LandCruiser

In our last email, we showed you the extreme value that outreaches are to the people we serve. We have been blessed with some great facilities to treat patients in. However, the most serious cases we see are the farthest from our health facilities.  


In Uganda we conduct outreaches, with a full medical staff, 5 days a week. These mobile clinics are designed to reach the most hard to reach populations with our best medications. Also, we can monitor the health of the different populations of refugees, and take the most serious cases back to our clinic for more intensive care. 

A faithful friend

A faithful friend

Joshua & the LandCruiser: a long-term relationship

Joshua & the LandCruiser: a long-term relationship

One major piece of our ability to conduct outreaches is our transportation. For those of you that have traveled to Africa, the roads are worse than poor. Our vehicles get beaten day after day, but they are essential. The most important vehicle we have is our LandCruiser that hauls 10 people and is built like a tank. It has run nearly every day for 11 years, in some very tense parts of Uganda. 

We finally reached the point where we need to do a good restore job on this LandCruiser. Everything from new tie rods, suspension, seals, CV joints and more. We are starting that process today, with the hope of having the LandCruiser ready in the next 10 days! 

Here’s the difficult thing. I am leaving on Monday for Uganda to assess our project and to look at two new areas of displacement that have no medical care at all. We have been asked to add these areas to our program, which would be an additional 130,000 people. I will get our LandCruiser from the Toyota mechanic when I arrive and we will put it back into service daily. The total bill is going to be just under $5,000 to get it ready for the next 10 years!

I am asking you all today if you would consider helping us raise this $5,000 by the time I leave next week. We try our best to not badger you with requests all the time, saving our asks for specific times that we just don’t have the funds to make something work. 

In the same way that this vehicle transports medical care to those in need, we hope GRI is the vehicle that transports your generosity and care to those in need. You all have been so gracious to us and are so crucial to our work even being possible. We appreciate you!

Jaden McNeely