Sunday I Leave for Africa

Sunday I leave for Africa. My sleep hasn't been great the past few nights as I contemplate lists of pre-trip to-dos and go over logistics in my mind. I awake each morning with the scent of Uganda's red dirt in my nostrils and the excitement of hearing children laughing and playing. I am excited.

I am also heavy hearted. These past few months have been so difficult for our African staff. We have had a very sick nurse, a staff member's wife miscarried twice recently, a doctor lost her 33 year old brother earlier this week, children who have passed away and the needs continue. GRI's international staff members take this work very seriously! They are dedicated to serving their fellow Africans and work tirelessly to meet the needs. They need a respite, time away, and yet where do they go? Who takes care of the lines of malnourished children and feverish mothers?

So I am going. I will carry bags full of "greetings and love" from the US staff and loads of volunteers. I hope that this reminder that they are not forgotten will encourage their weary hearts. This trip will be focused on preparing for our next round of medic trainings in both northern Uganda and DR Congo. I am unable to currently get into DR Congo due to instability so three of our staff members from that program will be coming to Uganda to meet with our staff there. It will be a productive time of brainstorming, discussion and getting on the same page regarding trainings. As more and more people are displaced due to fighting in South Sudan and DR Congo the areas of displacement increase. Therefore the need for medics to spread out and provide medical treatment and surveillance in these far reaching areas increases. This is exciting stuff!

This trip will involve staying at our clinic in Odubu, Rhino Camp, Northern Uganda, working in the clinic, visiting the border entry point from South Sudan, discussing our next round of medic trainings with both staffs, visiting spiritual leaders in the community, district leaders and pastors. It will be a busy time.

The next few months will present new challenges for us here in the US. The increasing numbers of malnourished, sick and dying people has put an additional strain on our ability to meet every need that is presented to us. We must expand our drugs, supplies and staff to account for the high demands. Would you help us make sure we don't have to turn people away?

We are boldly asking anyone able to help us raise $10,000 in the next 2-3 weeks to enable my visit to prepare for the increase in our services. If you would like to be a part of this, please give online today, or send a check and you can be a part of extending a hand of love to such vulnerable hurting people.

Thank you for your concern for those whom you probably have never seen and whom probably look and live quite differently from you. Yet people are the same all around the world. We are created in God's image with a plan and purpose. Please continue to care, pray, give and go and love. It is making a difference!

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