Peter and His Family


As we walked down the dusty road after a game of netball we came across a man sitting under a tree. We struck up a conversation and found out that he was a refugee from South Sudan. He fled his country in 2013 because of the war. His name is Peter Magai. 

As we sat around talking, Peter opened up to us about life in South Sudan. Back in his home he worked selling things in a shop with his family. He used to have lots of cattle, property, and money. Then everything changed when fighting took hold of the country. Peter said fighting and killing is everywhere. He saw with his own eyes men, women, and children being slaughtered and killed. He had four children at the time who also witnessed these horrific acts of violence. At this point in the conversation many children were gathered around us forming a large circle, curious as to who these two foreign girls are as they listen to the conversation. Peter then points to all of them and said "all of these children have witnessed these killings". Our hearts sank as we realized the trauma these kids have gone through at such a young age. No human should have to go through that but here we are sitting in Africa surrounded by many children who have. 


Peter then told us about his children struggling with these vivid memories of the war. His children ask him questions about why this happened and why they had to leave their home. Even Peter said it has been very difficult for him mentally. One of the big struggles here in the refugee camp is finding work and a means to provide for a family. Peter had lost everything and now struggles to regain a normal lifestyle. He desires to go to school and get a job to provide for his wife and kids but without money he simply cannot. He told us that being unable to work and sitting idly is adding to his mental struggle of moving past the memories that haunt him. 


Although there is many difficulties for Peter his faith in God was so evident throughout our conversation. We asked how the war has affected his faith and he confidently told us that God opened the road for him to come to Uganda. "God is good" was what he repeatedly told us. In the midst of war the hope of God is still alive and Peter is evidence of it.

-Alex & Lottie