A Doctor's report from Maria

Crazy how fast changes are implemented here. Had a sweet staff meeting this am before clinic. Mainly a quick prayer before we started. Had a clinical officer from another health center join for the day so I was able to observe other aspects of the clinic. Antenatal clinic, lab..

We save procedures for the end of the day and today had a 6 year old male with a heel ulcer to debride. This child had an infection and despite the culture here being incredibly tough, the pain was too much to tolerate. So I showed the staff how to locally anesthetize this wound and it turned out to not be as severe once the dead tissue was removed. He will come for wound care and likely heal well.

Then we had an older lady with a shoulder dislocated for three years. She actually left before her turn, which I am happy about because it gives me more time to consult with Matt since this one is not acute. I want to be sure there are not other considerations I am not thinking of. It was three in the morning your time when I planned to do her procedure so now I hope she returns tomorrow.

Lastly was a gentleman I promised a cosmetic procedure to last week. He waited patiently for our other patients to finish as he knew he was not urgent. Then I showed the staff how to anesthetize and remove a .5cm x 1cm cyst that had been growing on his left eyebrow. I did a cosmetic double layer subcutaneous closure as I only had absorbable sutures. The needle was huge however so it was difficult to drive through. We managed okay and no one was poked! It was quite fun and there was much laughter during the procedure as his wife and staff made fun of him for having cosmetic surgery, for birthing a piece of meat from his head, and for the fact that now no one will recognize him as they identified him by this mass overwhelming his left eye! I think that he looks quite sharp now and he and his wife left smiling.

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