Moving Parts

Uganda 2016 preparations are ongoing.  The 40 foot container, which will be donated to GRI Rhino Camp Clinic, is loaded and on its way.  We have a nice blend of veteran and first time volunteers from all different walks of life committed to going.  We have folks joining us from Florida, Colorado, Peru, and New Brunswick, Canada.  Right now we have 16 volunteers for week one and 12 volunteers for week two.  Everyone is very excited to be a part of Global Refuge International's ministry in Rhino Camp, Uganda.  The first group will be arriving in Arua on Saturday, July 23rd.  Group two, Saturday July 30th.  By the time Group two leaves on Saturday August  6th, the new clinic will be move-in ready.  We are all very honored and feel very blessed to be involved in the life saving and life changing work Global Refuge is doing for the folks of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda.  Thank you for allowing us to be your partner.

God bless all of you who support GRI.

Thomas Ashwill – Director, Builders Without Borders