S. Sudan: Refuge in the Midst of Desperation

Dear friends,

I write to you today asking for your partnership. Many of you have been a part of Global Refuge for many years and you have been faithful in keeping us going as we reach out to those in desperate situations around the world. Others of you are new to our mission. Please read this email with an open heart and mind and if you are a praying person, please pray about how you can be involved.

South Sudan is a war zone. The conflict between two ethnic groups is escalating and thousands of people are in the line of fire. Women and children are fleeing the fighting and walking south to Uganda, on average 300 km, just with what possessions they can carry. Most of the men are fighting or have been killed. When these people cross the border into Uganda our clinic is there to be a place of refuge. 

We have a large tent and a damaged building that currently house our emergency medical clinic. We employ 9 Ugandan medical staff at this clinic and are the only organization providing medical care to refugees in this area.

Last month at this clinic we treated 7253 people, 90% of whom were South Sudanese refugees fleeing the fighting in South Sudan. Our normal treatment reaches between 3500 to 4000 people. In the month of July there were 1934 positive malaria cases. This area of Uganda is having a horrible year for malaria and many are dying when they don’t have to. I have had malaria two times and it is a horrible illness; deadly without medications.
We need more help as the numbers of people in need increase daily. For those of you who already give, can you give more? For the new people, can you commit to $50 or $100 monthly so that we can plan for the coming months, knowing we can meet the increasing needs? 

We need an additional $1500 monthly until the end of the year to meet the needs.
We are humbled to have your help and desperately asking for more of you to get involved. 

Please contact me if you have questions. I'd love the opportunity to talk with you in person, on the phone or over email about the situation and the needs. 
On behalf of those in need,