The 15th Annual Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival took place on July 18th and 19th at Sloan's Lake in Denver. The event draws a crowd of around 150,000 people as everyone comes together to celebrate Asian Pacific American heritage with food, dancing, shows and dragon boat races. This year, we participated in the Hong Kong 250-meter race along with 19 other teams. Our rowers competed in four races, ranking 1st place in the Novice A division for both the semi-final and final races! They put in an eight-hour day with us and were full of enthusiasm and excitement to the end. While the races are thrilling to participate in, our goal for the event (besides winning) was to raise $4,000 for project work in Burma. As of today, we are 47% of the way toward reaching our goal. Our fundraiser will remain open until Saturday, July 25th so there's still time for you to donate. You can tell our winners how proud you are of each of them by sponsoring an individual or by contributing toward the team effort.

We'd like to thank everyone for giving of themselves to help us raise this money—and for giving us bragging rights for next year! Our team this year was: Mark, Joy, David, Maria, Tasha, Jin, Shaunessy, Becky, Jaden, Evan, Trevor, Richard, Chris, Kyle, Mike, Konrad, Lorianne, Thomas, Izzy, Elaine, Linda and Sarah. Thank you all for spending the day with us and showing everyone what teamwork is all about!