What's Happening in Uganda

What would you do if you contracted a disease that could take your life? How far would you travel for a cure? What measures would you take to ensure recovery? What if it happened to a family member or friend? In Northern Uganda, there are few options for health care when a person is a foreigner, a refugee and sick. Many health centers are not properly staffed or supplied. A person could walk for miles and miles to reach a clinic only to discover that there are no drugs available to treat them. Global Refuge positions our staff in remote areas where there are no other resources. Sometimes, people have only hours to live when they reach us. It is so important that we offer aid when it is needed.

Recently, a woman named Eveline was sent to our clinic in Arua by the local hospital because they did not have the necessary drugs to treat her. She was a single mother of two who had been diagnosed with malaria. When she arrived, she was unresponsive and close to death. Our staff responded quickly and began immediate treatment. Hours later, she opened her eyes and was able to ask for her children. These stories are happening every day in Arua. 

Our clinic in Northern Uganda receives a constant flow of patients, around 100 every day. When fighting broke out in S. Sudan recently, we had thousands of refugees pour into our camp. This influx means our staff are now treating up to 150 refugees per day. Your support makes it possible for us to provide additional food and supplies to meet this need. Thank you for all you do in the defense of those who are in dire situations!