The Outcasts of the World

Have you ever felt like an outcast? Being driven from your homeland, threatened for your beliefs or race or both, and striving to survive among dangerous and unhealthy conditions, are experiences that cause one to feel like an outcast. Experiencing even just one, much less all of those situations, is enough to discourage any of us. While many of us cannot say that we have endured such things, we can relate to the feeling of being an outcast. How did you see others help you in those times? How can you see yourself helping others in their time of need?

The people we seek out to serve are those who live through the mounting wave of the conditions mentioned above. They are called refugees because their human rights and very lives are threatened and they must seek refuge elsewhere. But they are not very different from you and me and all it takes to achieve health and human dignity for them, is for their needs to be met as we all work with them for their situation to improve and change. Once a situation in our world becomes discriminatory and life-threatening to people, it starts a chain reaction – health is threatened, human rights are violated, and cultures are torn and damaged. The displacement of people affects not just their country of origin, but also the countries that they flee to for safety.

Just as momentum can go in this downhill and discouraging direction, we also see the chain reaction of recognizing the plight of refugees and responding to their needs. Matching action with compassion creates an even more powerful momentum…one that lifts up and restores rather than tearing down. Global Refuge chooses to consciously be part of that upward chain reaction. Many others like you join us in this experience of giving. By knowing them, their needs, and meeting their needs right where they’re at, we’re reversing the downhill momentum.

We are not made to be outcasts. We know and sense this as humans and we fight and work endlessly to repair its damage and restore all of us from outcasts to friends. Thank you for joining us in this purpose.