Interested Versus Committed

There’s a distinction between being interested in something and being committed to something. Both are great things and each can produce different results. When one is committed to helping others, they carry it through. We want you to know that as Global Refuge, we are committed to helping the outcasts of the world, refugees. Wherever they are and despite how hard it can be to reach them, we work to know them and respond to their needs. Here are some of the ways that our commitment and yours, is together manifesting to alleviate the suffering of refugees.

At the beginning of this year, we opened a medical clinic in the Rhino area of Uganda. With only two volunteer doctors from the USA, this critically needed base of help was opened in ten days. Even local medics were able to be trained in that time and Sudanese refugees were diagnosed and treated. The clinic continues to run, successfully serving thousands of precious lives who have fled violent conflicts in their homelands that border Uganda. How amazing to see these on-going demonstrations of commitment – from our donors, the volunteer doctors, and our local staff leaders.

It’s not only on the field that commitment is showing itself…at our headquarters in Arvada, Colorado (just outside Denver), our Global Goods and Coffee Shop is thriving. This means that donations can go directly to aid for refugees because profits from our coffee shop are applied to our internal and logistical costs. How is this possible? Because the coffee shop is run by volunteers! What a great way to be committed and not just interested in making a life-saving difference in the lives of refugees. And it doesn’t stop there…our Global Thrift store in Arvada is also run by volunteers and with the same model as the coffee shop.

When being interested changes to being committed, the opportunities and means to carry out that commitment start to appear in our lives. We exist as one of those tools and resources for carrying out your commitment to helping refugees. And when we all join together in our shared commitment, it reaches even more people and creates an even longer-lasting aid of hope and alleviating suffering.