How Running a Triathlon Helps Refugees

Becky Watson is a lover of people. You can see it in her profession as a nurse and in her commitment to Global Refuge. If you’ve ever stopped into our Global Goods and Coffee House in Old Town Arvada, you’ve most likely met her there. She’s probably served you delicious coffee and homemade pie with that genuine smile our volunteers are known for. Or maybe you’ve interacted with her at our Global Thrift store. Either way, you can now get to know her and at the same time support Global Refuge by donating to her latest contribution to our efforts – Becky is participating in the Your Cause Sports Olympic Triathlon!

Your Cause Sports is an amazing organization that enables people to run races that raise money for a non-profit cause of their choice. That’s why Becky is going to be in the next one, August 30th, in Boulder, Colorado. When asking Becky about the race, we learned that she doesn’t participate because she’s an athlete. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity to be healthy and, most importantly for her, to do her part for a cause she’s passionate about: providing aid to refugees through Global Refuge. Since she’s passionate about many things, she uses a variety of opportunities and “means” to support the work we do. One year, she even did a Pampered Chef party at her house to raise money for medical aid we administered to refugees in Uganda. There really is no limit to the creative and varied ways we can help others.

While Becky has been on trips with Global Refuge, and even spent six to seven months living in Uganda, she believes strongly that you don’t have to go overseas to make a difference and do your part. To see her continue her passionate involvement with us, is deeply touching and appreciated. We see first-hand how it has an impact and the power of what just one person can do. As Becky says, "You don’t have to be the person to always go…sometimes there’s structures in place so that we can help people to help their own people."

Global Refuge is committed to meeting the needs of refugees in a way that does exactly that – we keep the long-term in mind, which is why we train local medics, who know what it means to be displaced. Your contributions to our work is sustainable, for we deliver it in a way that empowers the refugees to help their own people and each other. Becky can attest to this. She has seen the people who are hurting, their dire needs, and witnessed how Global Refuge handles the money we’re given and the relationships that we develop and so dearly value.

The way that GRI gives, sparks them [the people] to meet their own needs themselves – by training the local medics, using the village model, and many of those leaders and trainers are still committed to GRI and working with them. – Becky

The nature of this need in our world and the growing number of refugees each day, is such that the support must go on. We are steadfast in being there with support, ready to find them, learn of their needs, and respond generously and lovingly to them. Thanks to you and contributors like Becky, this is possible. Global Refuge is so grateful for Becky and her commitment to doing her part. We’re excited and glad that we get to be a vehicle for her giving passion for people. We’re here to be that for you too!

Join us and Becky Watson, in raising money for meeting the needs of refugees. Even now, an outbreak of Cholera and Measles where our medical clinic is in Uganda, is in need of $25,000 to meet their existing needs and prepare with preventive measures for treating the numbers of people already being effected. For the refugees in this part of the world, these are deadly diseases and immediate response is needed. By raising these funds, we can send medical trainers such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics, who can train the local medics there and provide treatment at this heightened time of need.