Giving is a Full Circle


Ready? On your mark…get set…GO! It’s inspiring to see how contributing to causes that are important to us, bring us together with others. In last week’s blog post, we introduced Beckyand how she’s raising funds for aiding refugees by running a triathlon. Also running the race, is Greg Mitchell, another supporter of Global Refuge. To us and so many others, this is a great testament to how giving and helping others, comes around full circle. We experience how we are given back to as well.

How does one raise money for helping refugees by running a race? If you’re in the Colorado area of the world, you should try to attend and experience what the excitement is all about. And even if you’re not in Colorado, you can follow along on the internet and in both cases, donate to this fantastic fundraiser.

Greg Mitchell will be running the Your Cause Sports race in Boulder this weekend (August 30th). It is to be his first olympic distance triathlon and 100% of the funds raised through his supporters, goes directly to Global Refuge and is tax-deductible. Having both Greg and Becky participate in this triathlon on our behalf is a huge support to us. Together, they’re building community and meeting others who are passionate about doing their part to help those in need.

What we’re able to raise with this fundraiser, is much-needed money for buying medical aid to treat patients at our medical clinic in Uganda. Earlier this month, we were serving over 600 patients in just one week. That number rose last week to 1,000 Sudanese refugees. We’re so grateful that we were able to serve them with our fantastic team of local leaders there. Yet we are stretched tight with this rapid increase of patients and in need of more medical supplies to respond to the sicknesses of Cholera, Malaria, and Measles that are a very real threat in this area of the world.

There are many organizations, like Your Cause Sports, that enable each of us to raise money and give in creative ways that are in alignment with other interests and passions we have. What are you passionate about? Maybe its dancing, traveling, or even cooking. The ways in which you can enjoy your passions and raise money toward helping others are boundless! Our technology and communications today are there to help us with this and to connect us with a community around our world.