Creative Ways to Give

There are endless ways to join us in providing aid for refugees. Being involved and helping those in need, doesn’t mean you have to leave the country (although that’s great and powerful) and it doesn’t look like tons of 0’s behind a dollar sign. What it means is that you carry out the giving, you take action, and what it looks like is where the creativity comes in.

Global Refuge created the Global Goods and Coffee Shop so that people, like you and us, could know and choose that what we spend on a coffee or lunch, on a gift or a beautiful scarf, is generating money that pays for medical aid to refugees in hostile parts of the world. This is also why our cozy coffee shop is run by volunteers – it enables us to raise money that can cover administrative and internal operational costs of Global Refuge. This means that contributions can go directly to meeting the needs of the refugees we serve. And great coffee and food is not all that we serve – there are beautiful, hand-crafted accessories, house-hold items and art displayed throughout the coffee shop that are for sale and made by people in various regions of Africa.

Volunteering is another great, creative way to help others. Not only do we have the opportunity to volunteer at the Global Goods and Coffee Shop, but people can also volunteer at our Global Thrift store as well. Both these business channels of giving are located in Old Town Arvada, Colorado. They have a presence in the community, providing quality goods and service. Most importantly, they give you numerous ways to creatively give to our cause.

If you’re looking for a way to touch our own society and reach the millions suffering world-wide, we are here to make that possible for you. Whether it be through volunteering, frequenting our coffee shop and thrift store, sharing about us to other people and donating to us one-time or monthly, the creative ways to give are limitless. Don’t wait until everything is perfect; consider how and what you can give exactly where you are in life right now. Get creative with us.