And the Story Goes…

For all of time, storytelling has been a way of helping others. It connects us to each other and expands our horizons. Many of the refugees that we work with would not be receiving help if it were not for the sharing of their stories. Even though we work with refugees from very different parts of the world, the practice and power of storytelling is something they have in common. Whether from Syria, Uganda, Lebanon or Burma, another commonality they share is their ability to rise above suffering. We share that inherent, human capacity as well. Sharing each other’s stories with each other is the way that we ensure that we don’t forget this.

And the story goes…

Thousands had been massacred in rural villages of the African bush. From women to children to men, young and old, none were spared. Only a handful survived. Now scattered, hungry and terrified, some of them managed to reunite at a remote village of huts. As if nature itself were weeping for the lost lives, it rained that sorrowful day…pouring down in torrents and creating mud from the dirt ground.

It’s a whirlwind of feelings. Your mind does not know what to think or how to comprehend, while your body is registering a heavy feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. A ball of tears seem to well up in your throat to the point that you can barely speak. To hold it back is futile and at the first demonstration of hope, of reaching for joy, your emotions are unleashed no matter what you have witnessed; no matter what monstrosity they have just passed through. And so it was in this small, primitive village.

The children began to dance, to jump and play in the rain. Soon young innocent voices could be heard mingling with the rain. Above even the roaring thunder, those delicate sounds arose…they were playing, they were laughing. Soon, they were even singing.

A miracle of the human spirit and a precious reminder of why we do all we can to help each other. Thank you for joining us in helping refugees. If you are searching for a way to alleviate suffering among the outcasts of the world, we are here for you to join us in that purpose.