The Lifeline of Consistent Giving

It gives stability. The work of seeing refugees survive and thrive can grow and expand because we know there is monthly income we can count on, enabling us to take bold steps to help those in need.

It gives ownership. This work is something we want you to lay claim to. It's not just us doing this - it's all of us together. You are making a direct and significant impact. We consider our regular donors to be co-workers.

It gives flexibility. Not every organization has the flexibility to respond to needs the way we do, and that is largely due being funded by individuals like you.

It's actively working, even if you're not able to go. Most likely, you would like to be on the ground giving hands-on support to the displaced, but that's not possible for everyone. We can't all go, but you can still make an impact, and you are by means of this partnership.