Sponsor a Medic in Odubu,

Rhino Refugee Camp

Each medic receives a monthly salary for their work and monthly supply refills to take care of their community members. $75/mo. or $450/6 mo.

About Ateny 22yrs female.jpg

About Ateny

Candia Joseph 31yrs male.jpg

Candia Joseph

Joseph sokiri 34yrs male.jpg

Joseph Sokiri

Achola Doreen Atari 36yrs female.jpg

Achola Doreen

Candiru Harriet 23yrs female.jpg

Candiru Harriet

Kiden Susan 20yrs female.jpg

Kiden Susan

Adiru Paula moses 38yrs female.jpg

Adiru Paula

Chol kuol 24yrs male.jpg

Chol Kuol

Modi Isaac 24yrs male.jpg

Modi Isaac

Asanti Gladys 20yrs.jpg

Asanti Gladys

Ezama Simon 27yrs male.jpg

Ezama Simon


Obaa Santino

Awan Abraham 34yrs male.jpg

Awan Abraham

Gabriel majok Deng 34yrs male.jpg

Gabriel Majok

Onzima victor 25yrs male.jpg

Onzima Victor

Ayikobua Dickson 20yrs male.jpg

Ayikobua Dickson


Iren Mesiku


Adede Vivian