Kamandi Project

Global Refuge started a new project in April of 2019 in the territory of Lubero, specifically in the town of Kamandi.

Global Refuge is working in partnership with the Centre de Santé de Référence Kamandi (Kamandi Referral Health Center). It is a health facility serving at least 25,000 people living in and around Kamandi. This facility has 16 staff members and only one doctor.

Kamandi and Luofu are two cities reputed to have high rates of malaria in Eastern DRC.

Children hospitalized from malaria


Presently, the Kamandi Referral Health Center experiences hardship because of a lack of space and beds to provide adequate medical care of patients under observation.

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Patients having to share beds

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photo4976787801303525417 (1).jpg

Desired rehabilitation of spaces


In addition to rehabilitating run-down rooms and purchasing beds and mattresses, the main objective of this project is to significantly increase the prevention of malaria as well as reduce the mortality rate of people suffering and dying from malaria in the region.


Malaria patients at the Kamandi Referral Health Center


Global Refuge made the decision to start the intervention in Kamandi and go to Luofu afterwards. We believe that the experience gained in Kamandi may lead us to intervene in Luofu as well.

After exchanging ideas with the Kamandi medical team, we have all agreed that Global Refuge will be handling the hospitalized cases of malaria to provide treatment of malaria to the population of the country. Because of their poverty, this population has reservations with regard to accessing medical treatment at the available medical facilities for fear they will have debts they cannot repay. The request was sent to Global Refuge to intervene in the care of other, non-malarial, but critical patients suffering from other diseases who are also unable to pay their bills.

In this project, we also plan on distributing mosquito nets at the exit of our patients’ visits to the health center in the coming months.  So that we can buy nets that are sold $3 in the market, we will require further budget for the implementation of this net distribution.

In this project Global Refuge works with 4 staff members:

-A Coordinator

-A Supervisor

-A Secretary and

-A Nurse.