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Uganda: Shelving & Locked Storage for Imvepi Drug Storage Room - $180

The current storage area in the clinic for medications is not secure. We need to add shelving and locked storage.


Uganda: Solar for Imvepi - $720

A solar panel and battery for the maternity ward in the Imvepi clinic so deliveries at night don’t have to be done in the dark! Also a larger battery for the solar panel for staff quarters.


Uganda: Arua Office Supplies - $220

The Arua office is in need of new desks, chairs and filing cabinets.


DR Congo: Rehabilitating Rooms at Kamandi - $5000

The Centre de Santé de Référence Kamandi serves at least 25,000 people living in and around Kamandi. It has 16 staff members and only one doctor. Lack of space has caused men and women to share the same ward. Rehabilitation of two rooms will allow men and women to have separate wards and increase the quality of care of patients.


Uganda: Handwashing Stations & Cleaning Supplies - $300

5 hand-washing stations are needed for the clinic as a few of them are too old and a few were stolen, as well as cleaning supplies like mops and sanitizing solutions have run out and need to be replaced.



Medical Equipment for Imvepi - $950

A gas powered autoclave is needed at Imvepi for the sanitizing of instruments. Additional medical instruments and equipment for minor surgical procedures and deliveries are also needed.


DR Congo:

Beds for Kamandi Hospital - $5500

Patients at the Centre de Santé de Référence Kamandi (Kamandi Reference Health Center) in DR Congo are often having to share a bed with another person. A total of 55 beds are needed at $100/bed. $100 includes the bed, mattress and leather cover.


Box Truck for Global Thrift - $15,000

Our retail thrift store, Global Thrift, has only had a piecemeal system of being able to go out into the community and collect bigger donation items from willing givers. This box truck will greatly expand our capacity to pick up larger donation items which render larger monetary values when sold and give more toward the Global Refuge projects.