Response to Ebola Outbreak, August 2018

We have already began the process of responding to the Ebola outbreak in Beni, DRC. We are pursuing some strategic plans, including:

  • Buying up radio slots around the region to let the public know what practices to avoid. Radio is the primary means of communication in these areas.
  • Mobilizing staff to canvas the entire region's health centers to educate and teach on how to minimize the spread once they encounter Ebola patients in their facilities.
  • Working with our partners to assure necessary medications and supplies are available wherever needed to treat the patients already infected. 
  • As we gather more information on our ongoing work, we will pass it along to you so that you can keep informed about the Global Refuge response.

We anticipate this response will require $25,000 in the next month. Thanks to all who have given so generously and for responding in such a timely way!