Our founder, Brian McNeely, was very passionate about this Creed.

In it, he laid out the vision that we continue today.


“If we were in the same situation, I would expect them to help us.”

Brian didn’t believe in a top-down approach of Western people going to ‘rescue or save’ some type of primitive people living in the deserts of Africa. He saw people just as our neighbors and many times would say, “if war breaks out in America I expect you all to come help us.” This put everyone on the same playing field. He never believed that only those with a lot of resources could help those without.

“Risk cannot be a determining factor in whether we help or not. Our lives are no more important than theirs are.”

-GRI Staff, on behalf of Brian McNeely

When frequently asked why Brian or his staff members traveled to dangerous areas around the world, he responded by asking “why not?” He believed that the lives of the hurting were of as much value as those who were going to help.  It is no more tragedy for one of us to die than someone needing help in one of our projects.

“A mom who loses her child in Africa doesn’t cry less than an American mother losing her child.”

Sometimes people can forget the impact of suffering on people that look different than us. Just because someone is in a war zone, with death all around them, doesn’t mean that it hurts any less.  This thought has always been a driving force behind our desire to see lives saved from disease and conflict. We understand how loss feels and how difficult it is to see hope in times of loss.

At GRI we believe that God created all humans in his image and placed equal value on all of them. Therefore all lives are equally valuable and worth fighting for. That means that their value doesn't come from where they were born, their sex, their race, profession or education level.

Let’s approach this with all of the effort we have because people are hurting and in need of so much help. We will not allow our dedication to be determined by who needs help, but merely the fact they need help is enough.