July 1, 2001


A Burmese refugee family sheds light on their peoples' plight and inspires ... It's amazing to think that one family from a remote country without much press (Burma), could have initiated such a huge change in all of our lives. Tar Pine, Dah Doh Moo and their family arrived in Denver in 2000 from a refugee camp in Thailand. We heard of them through some friends and after spending some time hearing their stories, we knew we had to meet them. Tar Pine and Dah Doh Moo had fought in the Karen military against the Burmese government. Dah Doh Moo's brother and father had both been killed by the Burmese along with many other loved ones. Numerous Denver area college students would visit their small apartment and eat their delicious food with hopes of hearing true stories of how they ran for their lives in the jungle. Growing to know and love this family had a huge impact on all of us who returned from Burma and desired to stay involved and help.