We are excited to start our Creed series! The GRI Creed was launched nearly 10 years ago as a list of guiding principles. They embodied the core of our reason for existing and have been a part of our decisions from the beginning. In this series, we will be using many ways to illustrate the meaning of each statement and how they apply to our work. We hope this series is a challenge to us all personally and a reminder of why GRI exists.

Updates to each creed line will be added monthly. Click on bolded line to view post. 


    All lives are equally valuable.  

Serving people is a privilege. → 

We will speak on behalf of those who have been silenced.  → 

No person should suffer alone. → 

Jesus changes lives. → 

Knowledge is power.

In every disaster, lives can be restored.

Wars, borders or injustice will not deter us from our goal.

Sympathy is worthless without action.

Serving requires my sacrifice.