August 1, 2005 — January 1, 2006


Northern Uganda was not a good place for anyone in the Summer of 2005 ... The Lord’s Resistance Army had moved into nearly all of the northern part of Uganda and was brutalizing populations on a daily basis. Joseph Kony’s violent, and humiliating tactics of starvation, abduction, forced rape, dismemberment and more were taking their toll on a population that had been displaced nearly 18 years. Global Refuge, recognizing large needs across a displaced population, responded. An assessment team was sent to Northern Uganda, prepared to start a response to the most urgent needs. Those urgent needs were found in the Obalanga region of Katakwi District. The population was not only dealing with weekly attacks by the LRA, but also brutal attacks by the Karamajong soldiers. In addition, they were being completely starved by the surrounding fighting, being left to boil leaves for food. More than 100,000 people were at immediate risk. GRI responded with an emergency feeding program, to help get people from absolute starvation to basic survival. At the same time, GRI supplied seeds, tools and cassava cuttings that would provide a consistent food supply to the entire population. GRI also attended to the medical and nutritional needs of the most severe. GRI now operates multiple programs in Uganda, in the 7th year of operations.