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Global Refuge is all about people and relationships that are life-empowering to everyone. We accomplish our mission through relationships we establish with the indigenous and local people. This enables us to learn of and meet the urgent humanitarian needs that occur in crisis and survival environments.

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 Brian McNeely Global Refuge Founder  

Brian McNeely
Global Refuge Founder


Global Refuge was founded in 2005, by the late Brian McNeely, with the intent to do things differently than other organizations. Since it’s creation, GRI has provided life-saving aid to over 1 million people. Brian’s desire was to restore lives in seemingly hopeless situations. The numbers did not intimidate him. He knew that there were staggering amounts of violence and pain in the world, and as a result, there were millions of people who needed help.  He never wavered in his commitment to serve the displaced around the world. You can give today to continue the vision he gave his life for. 

Donate to Brian's Vision Fund on our donate page here.