Treating the Malaria Emergency in Northern Uganda

Since 2005, Global Refuge has maintained a presence in the area of Northern Uganda, where the heart of the conflict exists and humanitarian needs are great. The displaced people in Uganda have been a focus of our service, because the country is home to one of the worst on-going epidemics of malaria. This disease can be easily treated in most countries; however, the existing conditions created by decades of war and fighting cause the disease to be life-threatening and deadly.

Many people suffered from disease, malnutrition and other things that were exacerbated by the displacement associated with Africa’s longest war

Our research and work conducted there, has led to the creation of our Global Refuge Malaria Initiative. By working with the people of Northern Uganda and thanks to your continued contributions, we are now implementing this plan to treat and alleviate the suffering of Malaria and other diseases that these people are undergoing. To better understand why your support is needed, read below to learn more about how malaria is such a threat to the lives of these people.

As the country of Uganda emerges from Africa’s longest war, it faces a new set of challenges. During the war, many people suffered from disease, malnutrition and other things that were exacerbated by the displacement associated with war. However, many of those struggles haven’t disappeared with the peoples’ return to villages. Many families have been forced to relocate entirely after the war due to many other factors.

In this post-war environment, the average person in Northern Uganda faces a great deal of health struggles in their everyday life, many that could be changed through minimal intervention. The health issues they face continue to kill large numbers of people and the lack of international attention to these problems leave the people who have survived the days of conflict with little or no aid. While many other organizations have chased grant funding out of the country, Global Refuge continues to stay in this area as the enormous health needs of the people have grown.

In the fall of 2011, new data began to emerge in the area of public health that led Global Refuge to create “The 5” campaign. Our objective with this campaign is to reduce and alleviate the burden of the five deadly diseases that plague displaced people around the world: Cholera, Dysentery (Diarrhea), Malaria, Pneumonia and Malnutrition. This campaign allows us to focus energy and resources effectively on these major causes of death in all areas of the world that share in this disease-caused struggle.

In addition to implementing “The 5” campaign, we conducted in February 2012 a wide-ranging health assessment of the Oyam district in Northern Uganda. It was proven that Malaria continues to lead all other causes of death in this area, despite efforts in the past. In response to such findings and apparent needs, our Global Refuge Malaria Initiative was born and is already under way being implemented.

With your contributions, Global Refuge has been able to create and carry out this initiative that is saving lives and improving the living conditions of the people in Uganda. Such aid and service is an example of what can be done for people suffering from Malaria all over the world. The support and help of each of us, is making this possible.