Status: Ongoing

Location: North Kivu, DRC

Number of people served: 4,000 displaced men, women and children; many are Pygmies from deep inside the forests of Congo. 

Goal: To provide emergency health care and nutrition to a displaced Congolese population.

Results: 58 malnourished children and their mothers are becoming stronger and healthier due to our nutrition and medical programs.

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Rhino Camp Medical Clinic

Status: Ongoing

Location: Arua district, N. Uganda

Number of people served: 44,000+ treated annually plus 29 medics trained

Goal: Establish a medical clinic to meet the needs of S. Sudanese and Congolese refugees

Results: We treat a daily average of 150 patients at our clinic. We have also trained 29 medics, each of whom is responsible for the care of 1,000 fellow refugees. We have also provided 71,400 people with cholera and malaria education.

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Burma Emergency Medical Response

Status: Complete

Location: Burma

Number of people served: 63,200 plus 30 medics trained.

Goal: Provide emergency care to displaced ethnic minority groups

Results: We provided medical support to orphans, trained medics, responded to the Chin Famine, supported orphan students through nursing school, responded to Cyclone Nargis, ran clinics, built a water-filtering system, provided medical supplies, and supplied food for Karen IDPs and villagers cut off from supplies. 

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Malaria Initiative

Status: Complete

Location: Northern Uganda

Number of people served: 117,581 plus 25 medics trained.

Goal: Malaria education, prevention and treatment

Results: We trained 25 medics who were sent back to their villages and refugee groups to share life-saving medication and education. We were able to reduce the malaria burden on the population by 36.7%, at which point, we transitioned care over to the local population. 

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Syria emergency response

Status: Complete

Location: Zamalka, Syria

Number of people served: 152,000

Goal: Restore water, care for orphans, provide supplies

Results: We provided victims of conflict access to clean water and placed 520 orphans with host families. Each host family was supplied with support so no burden was incurred by taking in a child. 

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Cholera Control Program

Status: Complete

Location: Bundibugyo, Uganda

Number of people served: 65,000 plus 7 medics trained.

Goal: Prevent cholera from spreading in refugee camp and provide food and clean water

Results: We provided 65,000 refugees from DR Congo with clean water and food to combat extreme malnutrition. We also built latrines and bath houses to prevent cholera from spreading due to unsanitary conditions. 

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