DR Congo


  • GRI’s clinic provides medical treatment to the Pygmy population in the Oicha region
  • GRI's clinic provides medical care to mothers and family members of malnourished children enrolled in our feeding program
  • The clinic focuses on treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, malaria, malnutrition and communicable skin infections


  • Enrollment criteria for new children: height, weight and MUAC (middle upper arm circumference) below standards
  • Moderate malnutrition- Plumpy Nut bars fives times per week to children and their mothers
  • Severe malnutrition- Provide daily formula feedings
  • Weekly height, weight and MUAC measurements on each child in the program
  • GRI to feed mothers and siblings of children in feeding program while at feeding center


GRI staff will train 15 Pygmy medics, within the two Pygmy settlements, in community health education in order to encourage cleanliness within the settlements, to identify serious cases of malnutrition and illness and refer such cases to GRI’s clinic. These medics will also ensure medication compliance for more serious cases within their settlements.


  • Distributed seeds and hoes to Pygmies and mothers of children in feeding program 
  • Weekly visits by GRI staff to ensure proper planting and to ensure accountability
  • Planted small gardens at the clinic/feeding center to provide nutrition and model healthy eating to parents of children in GRI’s feeding program